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Contact: Weerathorn Ekamornphan

Workshop Name: Samphanyont Auto Service (SPY Auto Service)


Dyno Dynamics Thailand
123/2 M11 Pakrat,
Banpong, Ratchaburi 70110

Tel: (+66) 32-211222
Tel: (+66) 32-200071
Tel: (+66) 32-200074
Fax: (+66) 32-342867

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24 hours assistance for all Dyno customers

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The world renowned Dyno Dynamics has been designing and manufacturing chassis dynamometers and engine dynamometers for over 25 years and is the largest dyno manufacturer in the southern hemisphere....

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Head Office
19 Industry Court,
Lilydale VIC 3140,

Int.Tel: + 61 3 9735 8900
Fax: + 61 3 9739 5833
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