A2W V2


A2W V2

Dyno Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of the A2W V2, the second version of the digital upgrade for analogue Dyno Dynamics dynamometers. Turn your analogue dyno into a digital dyno at the fraction of the cost of purchasing an entirely new system. 

New electronic interface box with Intel embedded processor

Designed around a powerful intel processor, the new system increases overall efficiency and performance in your tuning capabilities, lowering time costs and increasing profits!

Dispense with your old interface boxes

With the latest high tech interface, you can dispense with your old interface box. You will also create more room in your cabinet.

New industrial grade computer with solid state hard drive

With greater speed and increased capacity over the analogue system, you will spend less time processing data, and store more information.

Upgraded to Windows 7 Professional operating system

The latest computing technology for dynamometer tuning allows you to perform more operations that were previously impossible.

Ability to upgrade to the latest Dyno Dynamics software

You can upgrade to the latest version of the Dyno Dynamics software, maintaining state of the art.

Updated ECU interface and support capability

The new interface is easier to use, coupled with a support system that consistently maintains system data.

Many new options available

You can now use options such as the OBDII module, auto weather station, new engine tacho and integrate into the Dyno Dynamics software

Backup to all storage media including USB stick

Store historic data or back up existing information, with the ability to make it mobile, allowing you to take recorded data off the premises for safety purposes!

Dual monitor capability

Have multiple applications open to any one time, giving you the ability to multi-task and in-turn streamline business efficiency!

Support for windows based printers'

Compatible with most ‘off the shelf’ printers, allowing ease in printing!

Vehicle and customer management

Quickly and easily manage your customer information, with advanced project management tools and functions you can readily view customer information, saving you time. 

Support for twin channel AFR kits and extra thremocouples

Have complete control over mixture ratios and effectively analyse temperature through the addition of extra thermocouple units!

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