Dynotech 4WD


Dynotech 4WD

On a Dynotech 4WD you can tune

  • Rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Front wheel drive vehicles
  • Motorcycles

Retarder Options

  • Twin (single on front and rear beds)
  • Triple (single on front bed, twin on rear bed)
  • Quad (twin in front bed, twin on rear bed)

Power Capabilities

  • Twin- 450KW front and rear bed steady state, 900KW front and rear bed on power run
  • Triple- 450KW front bed and 900KW rear bed steady state, 900KW front bed and 1800 rear bed on power run
  • Quad- 900KW front and read bed steady state, 1800KW front and rear bed on power run

Benefits and features of the Dynotech 4WD

  • Eddy current power absorption units- the retarders are built to the highest and strictest quality assurance standards meaning continuous, repeatable and reliable tuning
  • High load available at low speed- diagnose and tune even high torque and high horsepower vehicles
  • Command RPM- Precise settings allow more accurate analysis
  • Computer controlled moveable bed system- caters for wheels bases from 2.32m to 3.5m
  • Electronic load cell force measurement system- measure changes in both torque and power to generate the most accurate graphing possible
  • Dynamic balanced rollers- precision manufactured, enabling quiet and effective operation at any speed
  • Square cut knurling on roller surface- generates maximum wheel traction at both low and high wheel speed
  • Low tyre temperature operation- much gentler on tyres throughout the diagnostic and tuning process
  • Max power of 450KW per dyno bed- steady state 900KW= graph (std.)- huge power capability for any application!
  • Ramps-optional- allows for easier loading of vehicle onto the dyno

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