Dynotech Pro Software


Dynotech Pro Software Upgrade

The Dynotech Pro software upgrade is the first full upgrade for your Dynotech dyno.

Features available in the Pro upgrade

Snapshot (Requires Microsoft Word)

Manual Snapshot

This sends current values displayed on the screen to a text file, this is stored against the identification number and may be printed at any time.

Automatic Snap Shot / Data Export

Auto Graph Snapshot can be set to automatically take Snapshots at predetermined steps during graphing. E.g. one reading every 20 RPM. Auto Graph Snapshot can be used to export data from recorded graph runs into a Microsoft Word document, with recordings taken at any step interval, e.g. one reading every 20 RPM. You can export different data multiple times for any run. You can snapshot any data that the dyno is reading.

Just to list a few

  • Power
  • Tractive Effort / Engine Torque
  • Road Speed
  • Engine Speed
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Manifold vacuum/pressure
  • Air fuel ratio
  • Lambda
  • Weather station
  • Acceleration

Within the snap shot file you can type in test details such as "Timing 15 Degrees, standard exhaust” and this is stored with the "Snapshot" readings.

The figures are exported into Microsoft Word; from there you can export the data into spreadsheets, database programs, Excel or other programs.


Scripting enables you to create automatic test for the dynamometer

These tests can

  • Prompt the operator with on screen messages
  • Guide operator with on screen targets for Power, Load or Speed
  • Automatically set controls for Dyno Speed / Load / Ramp
  • Records information in the Snapshot data file
  • Run an emission drive cycle test with a gas analyser

ECU interface

High speed data acquisition from aftermarket ECU’s into the dyno program.

The ability to graph or data log this information.

Available for specific models of aftermarket ECU’s.

Custom Channels (EDM Support)

Allowing in conjunction with the pro tuners software the facility to use these inputs for any 0 – 5 Volts signal/input and then to calibrate, rename, data log or graph the sensor. These can be used for knock sensors, throttle position switches, oxygen sensors, fuel pressure, fuel flow or any other output from the vehicle.

A perfect way to demonstrate the sensor in a graph or wave form, live on the monitor.

User Alarms

This feature allows the user to define an alarm on any channel for the minimum and the maximum value

Minimum - If the channel value goes below this value the alarm will be tripped.

Maximum - If the channel value goes above this value the alarm will be tripped.

The Alarm is displayed on the screen.

Shooutout Mode

The only accurate power comparison on dynamometers

Shootout mode is where the software locks in the ramp rate and other parameters for the individual vehicle. This information is then recorded on the graph printout and enables everyone to see the conditions that the dyno was operated under. Shootout allows accurate power comparisons between different Dyno Dynamics shootout enabled dynmometers. It can also provide you with flywheel power and engine torque figures.

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