NEW 2019 Dynotech 2WD portable dyno with Mercedes Sprinter van and transport kit

Great Business Opportunity


Dyno Dynamics gets repeated calls almost daily from car clubs and others to rent a dyno and operator, to come to various venues all over Australia and do Dyno Days.

That’s not our core business so we refer them on but the demand is increasing for a mobile unit. Our recommended hire charge for the dyno and operator is $2000 per day. 

A few of our DD customers actually do this sort of work as their full time activity but we know demand exceeds supply.

We have  Mercedes Benz Vans fitted out for our Sales staff which has a system in it which enables us to readily load and move a Dynotech dyno ramps and fan around, unload and set up in 15 Minutes. All this can be done by just one person and accuracy of the dyno is maintained because of our self calibrating software. We have one which is surplus to requirements so we are offering a special.

2007 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 Diesel Van fitted out with full Dynotech Transport kit. 

Dynotech 2WD fully operational dynamometer with following extras:

  • Mobility Kit
  • 3.2 metre Aluminium ramps
  • 10-10 240V Barrel Fan on wheels.
  • Pro Software.
  • Dyno Dynamics Banner
  • Auto Weather Station
  • High Performance Traction Control Kit

Special Price for Dyno and Van (with RWC): $63,500 (includes GST)

If this sounds like the way to start your 2020, give us a call on 03 9735 8900 now! 

$63,500 inc GST
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03 9735 8900
02 December 2019

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